BiaPy can be installed and run locally on any Linux, Windows, or macOS platform using Docker or via the command line with Anaconda/Miniconda and Git. Alternatively, BiaPy can also be used on Google Colab. Each of these approaches is designed for different types of experiences and users (select the installation based on your level of expertise).



  • Update your NVIDIA drivers for you GPUs in your system.

  • For Docker and graphical user interface (GUI) installations only: you will need to enable Virtualization Technology on your BIOS. Find here a useful link to do it.

Choose your installation method

Download BiaPy GUI for you OS:

Then, to use the GUI you will need to install Docker in your operating system. You can follow these steps:

In Windows you will need to install Docker Desktop with Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL) activated. There is a good video on how you can do it here. Manually, the steps are these:

  • Install Ubuntu inside WSL. For that open PowerShell or Windows Command Prompt in administrator mode by right-clicking and selecting Run as administrator and type the following:

    wsl --install

    This command will enable the features necessary to run WSL and install the Ubuntu distribution of Linux. Then restart your machine and you can do it again so you can check that it is already installed.

    Once the installation ends it will ask for a username and a password. This is not necessary, exit the installation by using Ctrl+C or by closing the window.

    Then you need to make Ubuntu the default Linux distribution. List installed Linux distributions typing:

    wsl --list -verbose

    The one with * is the default configuration. So, if it is not Ubuntu, it can be changed by using the command:

    wsl --set-default Ubuntu
  • Install Docker Desktop.

    Check that everything is correct by opening Docker Desktop application, going to Configuration (wheel icon in the right top corner), in General tab the option WSL 2 should be checked.


Whenever you want to run BiaPy through Docker you need to start Docker Desktop first.

Then, the only thing you need to do is double-click in BiaPy binary you downloaded. The next step consists in select the specific workflow that aligns with your intended use.