Quick start

There are several options available for executing BiaPy, namely GUI mode, utilizing Jupyter notebooks, deploying it via Docker, or employing the command-line interface (each of which demands varying levels of expertise). Once you have determined the execution method that aligns best with your computational expertise or preference, proceed by following the subsequent steps:

  • Follow the installation steps to use BiaPy.

  • Select the specific workflow intended use.

  • Refer to the workflow-specific execution instructions (located in the “Run” section of each workflow page) corresponding to the chosen execution method.

For a more in-depth understanding of BiaPy functioning, visit How it works and Configuration sections. Similarly, if you encounter any challenges while running BiaPy, please consult the FAQ & Troubleshooting section for assistance.

“TUTORIAL” section, is populated with detailed tutorials designed to replicate the tasks accomplished in all the projects where different BiaPy workflows have been employed.

To contribute or develop your own code based on BiaPy, please follow the guidelines on “HOW TO CONTRIBUTE” section.